Kevin was fast, reliable and finished the project on time! I highly recommend Brocksom Property Services!

Welcome to Brocksom Property Services

Wiltshire based property maintenance that serves Salisbury, Warminster and many other surrounding areas. We offer installations, repairs & cleaning of Gutters, Fascia’s & Soffits. We also offer driveway, patio and conservatory pressure washing and professional Pure Water window cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote!

Brocksom Property Services is a recently established family run business with its ethos firmly centered on outstanding customer service and exceptional workmanship. Honest, reliable, conscientious, and with great attention to detail, qualities that are shown through our friendly and professional approach set us apart from our competitors. We undertake a wide range of services, from gutter repairs to window cleaning.

We are a progressively run business keen to create a well-known and trusted presence within the Salisbury and surrounding areas such as warminster, shaftesbury and shepton mallet, someone you would happily recommend because of the affordable and quality service we strive to provide.

We are keen to build on our existing customer base and create new long lasting relationships with our customers, to reinvest in training and the latest equipment so we can continually exceed your expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

We are only happy when you are!

Fully insured by Zurich for yours and our peace of mind.

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